ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd. required a structural assessment of the disulfide bridges in various Linaclotide samples.

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Project Overview

The determination of S-S bridges in such samples can be a challenging project, starting with the difficulties associated with fragmenting such a tightly bound structure. BioPharmaSpec scientists have considerable experience in analyzing complex disulfide bridge patterns and have supported several Linaclotide development projects.

Initially, BioPharmaSpec performed a full assessment of a representative sample to determine the disulfide-bridged structure. The analysis comprised:

Technical Considerations- Disulfide Bridges

Our expert scientists are skilled in the implementation, analysis and interpretation of disulfide bridge patterns and can use this knowledge to provide you with a detailed assessment of your product’s free sulfhydryl groups and disulfide bridges.

Care must be taken when digesting proteins containing free thiols as the free thiol can initiate scrambling within the digest and the result obtained may not be consistent with the true disulfide bridge/free thiol pattern within the product. Using a range of techniques from LC-MS, LC-MS/MS through to Nanospray, BioPharmaSpec can determine the disulfide bridge pattern in your product to the fullest extent possible.

Client testimonial

“We selected BioPharmaSpec as our partner in this project because of the previous experience they have with Linaclotide. It also instilled further confidence to learn of the contributions BioPharmaSpec scientists have made in the field of disulfide bridge characterization. ” –Scientist, ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd.