Our Instrumentation

State-of-the-art instrumentation for protein characterization

Mass Spectrometry

  • Waters Xevo G2-XS Q-TOF Mass Spectrometers with ES and Nanospray
  • Waters Xevo G2 Q-TOF Mass Spectrometers with ES and Nanospray
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S Mass Spectrometers with ES
  • Waters Xevo TQ Absolute Mass Spectrometer with API Unispray source and dedicated APCI probe
  • Sciex 5800 MALDI TOF/TOF Mass Spectrometers
  • Sciex TripleTOF 6600 QTOF Mass Spectrometer


  • Waters Acquity UPLC (w/ PDA detector)
  • Waters Acquity Premier UPLC Systems (w/ PDA detector)
  • Waters Acquity I-Class UPLC (w/PDA detector)
  • Waters Acquity H-Class Bio UPLC (w/PDA and Fluorescence detectors)
  • Waters Acquity APC p-QSM Core HPLC (w/ ELS Detector)
  • Agilent 1260 HPLC
  • Perkin Elmer Clarus 680 GC/MS
  • Aggregation
    • Wyatt miniDAWN TREOS and Optilab t-REX MALS-RI detectors (SEC MALS)

Protein Sequencer

Isoelectric Focusing

BioPhysical Characterization

  • Higher Order Structure
    • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)- Bruker DRX800
    • Jasco V-750 UV-Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer
    • Jasco J-1500 Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter
    • Jasco FT-IR 4600 Spectrometer
    • Jasco FP-8300 Spectrofluorimeter
    • DSC
  • Aggregation
    • Beckman Coulter Optima AUC, XL-I and XL-A instruments

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