Webinar: Using an Automated CE-SDS Platform in Efficient Biosimilar Comparability Studies

This webinar provides expert insight from Dr. Richard L. Easton, Technical Director of Structural Analysis at BioPharmaSpec into using an Automated CE-SDS Platform in Efficient Biosimilar Comparability Studies.

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On Demand Webinar: Host Cell Protein Analysis by Mass Spectrometry

This webinar will describe the use of LC-MS based analytical techniques as an orthogonal approach to HCP-ELISA and will benefit all scientists involved in drug development, manufacture, downstream processing and quality control.


On Demand Webinar: Structural Comparability Studies for Biosimilars

The information provided in this webinar will allow scientists to address the detailed requirements of Biosimilar comparative studies and gain an understanding of the detailed structural requirements entailed in assessing Biosimilarity.


On Demand Webinar: Characterizing Protein Impurities

This webinar will be informative to those concerned with biopharmaceutical manufacture, including product development, processing, formulation, stability and characterization.


On Demand Webinar: Understanding the Importance of Higher Order Protein Structure

Using the information presented in this webinar, you can plan comprehensive and regulatory compliant higher order structure characterization strategies to support formulation and process development, biosimilar comparability and stability studies.


On-Demand Webinar: Effective Biosimilar Comparability Studies

Anyone who is interested in the exciting field of biosimilar development, or who is working within a team with responsibilities for effective biosimilar characterization and comparability, will benefit strongly from watching this webinar.