Biosimilar Experts Roundtable: “Knowledge-based Biologics Development” – Part 2

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Panel Members

Dr. Fiona Greer headshot

Dr. Fiona Greer

Independent Consultant & Roundtable Chair

Following a Ph.D. in Protein Biochemistry from Aberdeen University (1984) Fiona became a founding Director of M-Scan. Upon their acquisition in 2010, she became Global Director, Biopharma Services Development, SGS. With over 35 years’ experience in glycoprotein analysis she has been involved with a diverse range of biotechnology products, both novel and biosimilar, and now consults to companies worldwide.

AJR headshot

Dr. Andrew Reason


CEO and MD at BioPharmaSpec

Andrew is the founder, CEO and MD of BioPharmaSpec. He has 25 years of experience in analysis of both novel and biosimilar biopharmaceuticals and has been involved in the commercialization of a number of analytical methods for characterizing proteins. Andrew has contributed to many industry publications and is a regular presenter at conferences. He is also currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Warwick and recently joined the Macquarie University Scientific Advisory Board.


Dr. Ash Ramzan

Founder and Principal Consultant
Woodley BioReg

Ash is founder and principal consultant of Woodley BioReg, a global regulatory consultancy. He has a specialist interest in biologics / biosimilars and vaccines, and is a member of the British Pharmacopoeia Working Party, advising the government on the development of biosimilar standards.  With over 30 years of hands-on expertise, Ash continues to work extensively in developing regulatory strategies for global registration of biologics and biosimilars including mAbs, vaccines and toxins.  Ash is also a fellow of TOPRA as well as serving on their Editorial Board.

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