Effective Structural & Physicochemical Biosimilar Comparability Studies

With effective forward planning, biosimilarity/ comparability studies can be designed such that they provide you with quality data that can be relied upon when making key development and regulatory decisions.

In this webinar, Dr Andrew Reason (CEO, BioPharmaSpec), Dr Richard Easton (Technical Director- Structural Analysis, BioPharmaSpec) and Dr Mark Millichip (Technical Director- Physicochemical Analysis, BioPharmaSpec) will describe how and when to perform your biosimilar comparability studies. Particular attention will be paid to the sourcing of innovator material and the important factors to consider when doing this (e.g. expiry dates, number of batches, region of origin etc.)

Anyone who is interested in the exciting field of biosimilar development, or who is working within a team with responsibilities for effective biosimilar characterization and comparability, will benefit strongly from watching this webinar.