BioPharmaSpec is Recruiting: Graduate or PhD Scientist


Our Jersey (Channel Islands) based laboratory is currently recruiting Graduate or PhD Scientists to to assist our scientists in carrying out analytical experiments and data assessment, on products produced by BioPharmaSpec’s clients in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.

Applicants should be computer literate, interested in the molecular structure of macromolecules, and have an aptitude for logic, attention to detail and the precise handling of scientific data.

Applicants must be able to make clear and succinct interpretations, unambiguously expressed in English, since this forms the basis of BioPharmaSpec’s analytical report to the client.

Applicants would ideally have a background in analytical chemistry or biochemistry (although graduates in engineering/maths and other natural sciences will also be considered) and knowledge of mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography (HPLC), protein or carbohydrate sequencing or microchemical manipulation on a nano- or pico-scale would be advantageous.

The position will be based in Jersey. All applicants must ensure they have the relevant employment and residential licences in place prior to applying.

Job Duties include:

  • Laboratory analysis using a variety of techniques and instruments including protein and carbohydrate chemistry, mass spectrometry and chromatography.
  • Interpretation of the data obtained from the various analytical techniques.
  • Maintenance and monitoring of chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment.
  • Liaising with the sister BioPharmaSpec laboratory team in the US and BioPharmaSpec’s sub-contractor laboratories.
  • All within BioPharmaSpec’s quality system.

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