BioPharmaSpec Inc. (BioPharmaSpec), a leading analytical research laboratory (CRO) providing a full range of characterization services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, today announced the opening of a new lab facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania, in the greater Philadelphia area.

The Eastern seaboard of the United States, including the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, is home to a good proportion of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. The demand for our characterization services from North and South America has also been strong, due to the technical biochemical and instrumentation expertise we have built up over 40 years in analytical areas such as de novo Protein Sequencing, Peptide Mapping, Disulfide Bridge and Carbohydrate Analysis. We look forward to using this expertise in our new laboratory to assist our American clients more readily with a full range of cost-effective services commented BioPharmaSpec Founder and President Professor Howard R. Morris. Our new facility in Malvern is a fully-equipped, modern laboratory, capable of a broad range of biopharmaceutical characterization services, with the quick turnaround for our North and South American client base that would only be possible with a domestic facility.