Our expert scientists are skilled in the implementation, analysis and interpretation of disulfide bridges and can use this knowledge to provide you with a detailed assessment of your product’s free sulfhydryl groups and disulfide bridges.

Peptide mapping post-digestion with a specific protease, followed by analysis using on-line LC/ES-MS and/or LC/ES-MS/MS prior to/and following reduction, provides the data necessary for a full assessment of disulfide bridges and free thiols within the biopharmaceutical.

Care must be taken when digesting proteins containing free thiols as the free thiol can initiate scrambling within the digest and the result obtained may not be consistent with the true disulfide bridge/free thiol pattern within the product. Using a range of techniques from LC-MS, LC-MS/MS through to Nanospray, BioPharmaSpec can determine the disulfide bridge pattern in your protein to the fullest extent possible.