BioPharmaSpec scientists can perform N and C terminal amino acid sequence analysis of your biopharmaceutical, as an indication of the intactness of the molecule. We identify the amino- and carboxy-terminal amino acid sequence(s) of your product and if the molecule exhibits more than one terminal amino acid sequence, the relative amounts of the termini will be determined.

N-Terminal Sequencing

BioPharmaSpec provides gas phase sequencing using Shimadzu instrumentation for automated N-terminal Edman degradation to sequence peptides. This technique is particularly useful in the assignment of the isobaric residues Isoleucine and Leucine during the primary sequence analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

C-Terminal Sequencing

There is no fully reliable method analogous to Edman chemistry for determining the C-terminal of a biopharmaceutical. For an assessment of the C-termini, BioPharmaSpec scientists will use carboxypeptidase digestion and/or mass-spectrometric mapping strategies. In the latter approach, intactness of a protein C-terminus or the presence of ragged ends can be assessed using data obtained from a peptide map and intact molecular weight analysis of the product, again using a strategy pioneered by our scientists.